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With your target

TokenAd is a global network specializing in Finance. It covers 80% of financial and cryptocurrency themed websites in the internet worldwide which gives an opportunity to reach the majority of your target audience through one platform


effective native ads
1 500K clicks per month

Bitcoin Community Praises Gemini’s Customer Support. How to make money

Bitcoin-Friendly Stripe Strikes Major FinTech Deal with China’s Alipay

Financial Ads perfectly match your website which leads to higher audience engagement and high conversion rate


customize every widget
to fit your content
For websites where Content is King

Increase the amount of clicks by integrating ads into relevant content and design of the site


120 000 K impressions per month

Native Ads

Most efficient format

Visitors perceive it as a part of your website and interact more actively

  • Max trust format
    Looks like the part of the website
  • Not disturbing
    but highly notable ad format
  • Works with all browsers
  • Wide variety of widget customization


for mobile only

A simple solution to make the ads visible but not to provoke irritation of the visitors to your website. Widget is located at the bottom of the page

  • Created specially for mobile devices
  • Remains visible while scrolling
  • Either native and banner ads are available


Most elegant format

Visitors perceive it as a part of your website and interact more actively

  • Works with all browsers and devices
  • Best for brand promotion
  • Different banner sizes

Video In-feed

the latest trend

The most innovative format among all. Video automatically plays when fully visible to a user

  • Increases awareness, brand affinity, purchase intent efforts
  • Available in all browsers and devices
  • Creates more engagement than any other format
100+ advertisers are working with us



One of the leading Bitcoin stock exchanges joined our platform in order to build its customer base and attract new traders. Operating in a very competitive niche regards smart advertising solutions. After 2 weeks of running campaigns we have made sure our client:

Built trust to its brandthrough


Reached its target audience

Enriched its
base by
25k+ publishers are working with us

featuresfor publishers

Bitcoinas 1 of the payment methods

Every publisher has a unique opportunity to get the payment not only with conventional payment systems but also by using bitcoin currency


guaranteed payments

Blockchain Innovative system processes all payments automatically, the fact that guarantees receiving payment and takes minimum time to form it. You will get paid every week after reaching a minimum threshold of 20$

content mergewithads

tokenad Native ads
Stock market trades slightly higher, buoyed by tech

Site content may look similar to BlockChain Ads. That’s why the CTR and the conversion are so high!

publisher’s article preview
How to make money on Forex for sure


Not sure if Tokenad is the best solution?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

I have a website but I’m not sure if it’s suitable for Token.Ad

We consider all websites and blogs related to finance and cryptocurrency. If you have any doubts if your site is suitable just register with the TokenAd Network. After that your site will be submitted to moderation and you will get an official answer regarding its status in 24 hours.

I’d like to make an ad but I don’t know how to start my first advertising campaign

To start your first campaign you just need to register with the TokenAd Network as an advertiser. Then click “add campaign” button in your Dashboard. You can make as many creatives as you want to check which of them are the most effective.

Do you have any statistics to control ad campaigns and traffic monetization?

Yes, you can find all the statistics in your dashboard to gain full control of your ad campaign or website monetization. Please, contact your account manager if you have any questions.